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FLYLIGHT™ an LED Light Bulb that Vacuums Flying Bugs, Traps, & Creates Insect Fly Control

  • This is a 75-watt, 6500K Daylight/ Warm Appearance Light Bulb that Vacuums In and Traps unwanted flying insects
  • Light-attracted bugs that usually bounce off of normal light bulbs are instead Vacuumed In for Instant Flying Insect Control
  • This 6500K Daylight/Warm 1100 Lumen LED Light and Fan only use 9 watts of power. Comparable to 75 watt halogen bulb and size is the same as a common A-19 light bulb
  • Quiet, Chemical-free, Pet-safe, Clean, and Discrete Flying Pest Control
  • This Daylight bulb offers Superior Fly Control around restaurants, reading lamps, family rooms, front doors, back door patios and many more locations
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