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How do you ship?

We ship all packages via United States Postal Service Priority Mail. This typically takes 1-2 days to reach the West Coast, and 2-4 days to reach the East Coast.

Will you expedite my shipment?

We already mail all packages priority mails. We do not offer any other expedited shipping services..


What is BATONIC?

The Batonic function is an exclusive technology created and trademarked by Cleanrth. Prepare for a revolution in ultrasonic pest repellents with Batonic™, our bespoke feature that ensures unparalleled effectiveness and absolute peace of mind. With Batonic™, you’re in command, choosing between Batonic™ setting 1, where each speaker unleashes a distinct blasting tone, or Batonic™ setting 2, which continuously cycles through all ultrasonic sounds within the hearing range of bats..

Why can’t I hear it? Is it working?

Ultrasonic means that it’s above the average human’s hearing range. It would really annoy you if you could hear it. However, you can press the test button to drop the sound into an audible range. We don’t recommend doing this for a long time because A. It’s not repelling pests when in test mode B. It’s annoying for you

Will it harm my dog or cat?

The device is designed to be above the average cat or dog’s hearing. It does sweep through a wide range of sounds, and occasionally a dog or cat might hear it when it sweeps down into the lowest register. This device is safety tested to ensure that the decibel rating is not loud enough to damage a human or pet’s hearing. For the 1/500 pets that can hear it; it’s the equivalent of standing in a parking lot with a car alarm going off nearby – annoying but not harmful.

Will using two devices in the same room or area cancel each other out?

No, in fact we usually suggest using two devices together when dealing with a stubborn situation. Setting the Confusion Switch on each device to a different setting really works to power out the critters.

Your ad says this device will cover 7,000 sq. ft. My house is only 2,000 sq. ft and it’s not working everywhere!!

One of our devices will fill any single open room that is up to 7,000 sq. ft. but the walls, doors and soft surfaced dampen or muffle sound. Imagine listening to a TV or radio in the next room – you can hear it through the walls, but you lose a lot of the volume and details. We really recommend one device per room or area with a problem.

I cranked it all the way to “high” so I put it on the best setting, right?

This device doesn’t have a “volume control” switch. This switch sets the device to emit in a higher or lower ultrasonic range — specifically preset to annoy that specific pest. The “High” setting is the upper frequency range that the pest can hear, while “Low” is the lower frequency range that the pest can hear.

I notice more pests than before, I think this device is attracting and not repelling!

We have spoken with many customers who’ve reported this kind of activity. What’s usually happening is that the sound is making the critter panic and be less cautious than normal while it tries to escape the sound or from your house/garage/kitchen/…

I don’t believe in ultrasonic devices… Try to talk me into buying your device.

We can’t guarantee that it will work for every situation, but we do guarantee that we will do our best to help you get rid of your pests. If we cannot resolve your pest situation, you have a one-year money back guarantee.


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